• Cocktails

    • Madalaki

      gin, mango, lemon, mint, ginger - 10€

      Our signature cocktail. If you love your drinks sweet & sour with a pint of spiciness and a fruity taste then you definitely want one of those.

    • Mastich fantastic

      mastich liqueur, vodka, vanilla, lemon, pink pepper - 10€

      If it's your friends would describe you as elegant and fun loving, then this sour-but-a-little spicy cocktail will become one of your favorites.

    • Stranded Pirate

      tequila, papaya, pineapple, ginger, lime, agave - 10€

      Sour & refreshing. Especially good when you're waiting for the lifeboats to rescue you.

    • Coco Rum-el

      rum, triple sec, coconut, strawberry, lime - 10€

      Sweet & sour with style. Because, fashion changes, but style endures.

    • Blackbeard’s Revenge

      rum, triple sec, passion fruit, lemon, mint - 10€

      The legend says that before a great battle, Blackbeard gave to his men passion fruits to mix with their rum. We turned this legend into a fantastic sweet & sour cocktail.
      With this drink, BB would never lose.

    • Summer Royalty

      vodka, mastich liquer, watermelon, lime, basil - 10€

      A sweet and royal cocktail with vodka as its base with watermelon, mastich, basil and lime. You must taste it.

    • Mojito

      rum, sugar, lime, mint, soda - 9€

      Probably the oldest mixed drink in the world. It’s 500 years old. This cocktail grandpa is sweet & sour.

    • Margarita

    • Classic

      tequila, orange liqueur, lime - 9€

      Sweet & Sour like your in-laws on your wedding day. Strong, because Mexicans wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Zombie

      blend of rums, lime, lemon, pineapple, passion fruit, sugar - 13€

      Zombies are a combination of the freshest ingredients with a lot of rum. Real zombies are an undead pack of your neighbors trying to kill you. Choose the former.

    • Old fashioned

      The grandparent of all cocktails. Bittersweet, like your grandpa’s stories.

    • Whiskey

      bourbon, sugar, bitters - 9€

    • Metaxa

      metaxa 12, sugar, bitters - 10€

    • Rum

      rum, sugar, bitters - 9€

    • Tequila

      tequila, agave syrup, chocolate bitters - 9€

    • Gin basil smash

      gin, sugar, lemon, basil - 9€

      Herbal taste, great to heal your soul.

    • Hugo spritz

      elderflower liqueur, prosecco, lime, mint - 10€

      The most refreshing cocktail in our catalog. Light, Cool & Minty.

    • Aperol spritz

      aperol, prosecco, soda - 9€

      Light & breezy, it’s the summer sunset of Skopelos in your glass.

    • Moscow mule

      vodka, sugar, lime, mint, ginger beer - 9€

      Tricky with ginger. Like the blonde that stole our bartender’s heart.

    • Mai tai

      rum, orange liqueur, almond, lime - 11€

      Tropical flavors with a strong kick. The most famous tiki cocktail.

    • Paloma

      tequila, lime, grapefruit soda - 9€

      Fruity, cool and pink. Just like the dreams we did as kids.

    • Hovolo tiki

      rum, almond, lime, sugar, caramel, pineapple - 10€

      Caramel-icious tiki with pineapple tones. Less dangerous than its sibling... the Zombie.

    • Negroni

      gin, sweet vermouth, amaro - 9€

      Freaking Awesome. Sweet, VERY Bitter & VERY Aggressive. That’s it.

    • Martini porn star

      vodka, vodka vanilla, passion fruit, lemon - 9€

      A combination of passion (fruit) with vodka. Too sexy & too kinky.

    • Bahama mama

      rum, coconut rum, pineapple, orange - 10€

      Strong with Rum. Pirates of the Caribbean approve. Yawrrr.

    • Daiquiri

      Hemmingway’s favorite drink. Sweet, sour & delicious. Not his secret for writing.

    • Νatural

      rum, sugar, lime - 9€

    • Strawberry

      rum, sugar, lime, strawberry - 10€

    • Non Alcoholic

    • Funny berry

      strawberry, apple, orange, lemon - 6€

      strawberry, apple, orange, lemon

    • Mojito free

      lime, mint, sugar, soda - 6€

      Mojito with no-alcohol. What more should we say?